International Jazz Day – Cote D’Azur – South of France – Jazz a Juan – Juan les Pins

Today is International Jazz Day! Introduction According to International Jazz Day “is intended to promote peace, diversity, respect among the various cultures and highlights the needs for human rights and dignity. The music itself addresses the...

The Chef Syndrome – A Startup Killer

The Entrepreneur's Chef Syndrome – a Startup Killer! I came about the Chef Syndrome years ago. I have found, during 20+ years of working with startups and entrepreneurs, that the Chef Syndrome can be a Startup Killer. Before I outline how I arrived at this conclusion...

Fashion Store Closures Increasing

Fashion Store Closures Increasing Fashion store closures like  like Michael Kors are continuing to grab the headlines. Michael Kors is another victim of competition in general and online shopping in particular. Reuters Business News describes in detail the more than...

Job Hunting With an MBA

Job Hunting with an MBA The original article about Hamish Forwood-Stokes an MBA who is doing an internship at Splittable in London, hoping to get a full time job appeared in the Financial Times see link below. The article argues that private equity firms do not tend...

Positive Attitude Creates Business Success

A Positive Attitude Creates Business Success A positive attitude creates business success, at least according to Barbara Corcoran know from the reality TV series "Shark Tank". There are two distinct statements that come back to me whenever I deal with people, whether...

Online Battle with Amazon – Can Walmart Catch Up?

Online Battle with Amazon In the online battle with Amazon, will Walmart be able to catch up with Amazon. Frankly, I believe it will be difficult but not impossible. In my mind Walmart will only be able to catch up with Amazon if they become a clone of Amazon in every...

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