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The Old Fax machine – Do You Still Use It?

Do you still use the good old fax machine aka “facsimile”? I must admit, we still have one….but only because the same machine is a printer, a color printer no less, as well as a scanner and copier! So why not keep the fax as well?!

For now simply because some companies, be it insurance companies or banks want on occasion for you to fax a form to a fax nr. But when that happens, I have to find the telephpone cable in the back of the fax machine, tangled with other cables and stuff I have in my office. Once found I need to find an extension telephone cable, plus an extension thingy so I can plug in the telephone cord around the corner in the hallway. Sounds familiar? So in short I try to avoid using the fax at all (well almost all) cost and use other means instead.

Using My Cell Phone Instead of The Fax

If I can avoid using the facsimile I use the same multi purpose machine to scan in the document(s) I need to send and email it to anyone who needs it. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to scan it in or it is easier to take a picture with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and email or text (sms) it to the requesting party.

Before I got this new multi purpose HP Office Jet 4632 I used my Nikon D5300 DSLR camera to take a picture, transfer the images via memory card to my computer and email it to the requesting party. believe me, this was not my most efficient choice.

All kidding aside, it looks like the facsimile, the Fax Machine is on its way out, per the article below published by the Financial Times.


Original Story by The Financial Times

The fax machine remains a key part of many businesses as it is unhackable © FT montage

A snippet of tech news you are unlikely to read elsewhere: next month, Premier Inn, one of the UK’s biggest hotel chains, will remove the fax machines from the back offices of its more than 750 sites.

Fax is the technological equivalent of tinned carrots. Just as canned vegetables of all kinds amaze by their very existence, it is surprising that any business still has a fax machine.

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Source: Financial Times – Tech Hub


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