Hans van Putten
Digital Artist and Marketer - Business Consultant
Owner 40ParkLane,llc – Co-Founder WorldWide Local Connect Inc.

The Startup Quarterback and Small Business Whisperer

About My Creative Studio

Studio40ParkLane was born out of a life long passion for photography, images, colors, interior design, architecture and nature’s beauty.

Owner and founder Hans van Putten has taken pictures all his life and started creating digital art since the beginning of the digital era. Only recently was the time right to formalize these creations into a studio and business.

This resulted in “Studio40ParkLane“, an e-commerce site and gallery of products, displaying Hans’ photography and digital artwork.

Why Business Consulting?

30+ years of Corporate experience, incl. at the Gillette Company, plus 16 years as small business owner of Carolyn’s Handmade (a 40ParkLane division), has provided Hans with an impressive set of skills and experiences, both at the creative and business end of the spectrum.

Working with his team at WorldWide Local Connect Inc. allows him to help startups and small businesses alike with Business and Marketing Plans, Building Websites and E-Commerce sites.

My “takeaway”? Experience does pay off and is worth the money! I can help you!

Digital Art & Photography

I have a soft spot for color compositions, space dimensions and architectural lines. And, although I like pastel colors as well, in the right setting, my preference tends to favor deep rich colors.

This picture of the “Red Rose” with its deep red, kissing the shadows, telling a romantic or tragic story, contrasts beautifully with its black and white background.

Business Consulting?

Young, enthusiastic and a little cocky, I thought I knew everything. Leaving the Gillette Co., where I was used to “rounding” being millions, counting pennies for my own start-up turned out to be a hard lesson!

When you drive a race car on a new circuit you don’t go full throttle until you know the circuit and have experience. In business, without experience, you can lose a lot of time, quality opportunities and worse, money. 

Guess what? Most new promising startups go belly up and never make it because they run out of money. Why? because the enthusiastic entrepreneurs without (enough) experience, spend money like it’s Christmas on things they don’t need or have no experience with, instead of testing, testing, and testing again, with just pennies.

As a person “who’s been there and done that”, I believe my skills and experience will help you to avoid pitfalls, waste time and money! You don’t have to make the same mistakes!

Stop procrastinating! Put your business first and let’s solve your problems!

Photography & Art For Sale

If you like Hans van Putten’s photography and digital artwork, you can browse a sample selection in his gallery and online shop. For his full collection of products visit his store Studio40parkLane.

Happy Clients


“The knowledgeable suggestions made by WorldWide Local Connect Inc. have helped grow the client’s business, also improving the contracts and benefits their employees get. The team is very transparent about budget, timelines, and expectations, and their personalized approach makes them stand out.”

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Stop Procrastinating

Put your business success first, you deserve it!
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Hans van Putten - Digital Artist - Marketer and Business Advisor