Digital Marketing

Even with your pages optimized for search engines, you still need to pursue Digital Marketing to separate yourself from the competition.


Email Marketing

One of the most direct ways to communicate with your customers is email marketing. Once you have an email of an interested party, you can communicate your products, services and promotions.

To build an email list with a high ROI and conversion rate, you’ll have to get website visitors’ to signup and “opt-in”.

Once someone visits your site because they are interested, and signs up, you have a “qualified” lead.

To get interested people to your site, social media marketing and online advertising are two pillars of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Once your website is up and running, and your pages are optimized for search engines, you have laid the foundation for Digital Marketing.

However, to get potential customers to hand over their email for something in return, like an offer of interest, you still need to get (the right) people to your site.

Social media marketing, posting blogs, infographics and images, all someway linked to what you are about and what you sell, may get them to your site.

Getting a conversion, whether their email address or an actual sale, is the next and ultimate objective.

Online Advertising

Social Media Marketing, surprisingly, has its limits. It can be limited in quantity (i.e. size) or quality (i.e. wrong target group), which means you may have to augment your online marketing to reach your chosen target group or aim for a bigger audience.

Paid advertising online, whether search driven advertising, or content driven advertising are two options. There are various platforms, depending on what you are looking for, that are able to segment users, to specifically aim for the group you are targeting.

The more your advertising is aimed at the right target group, the higher your ROI.


Critical Success Factors

No Matter What You Do!

Test, Test, Test!

It is easy and tempting to go full blast with digital marketing to get customers to your site.

I can tell you, getting visitors and traffic is easy! Getting the right visitors, that convert, is a whole different ball game!

Spending money on getting a lot of traffic to your site is a waste of money and time, if they’re the wrong visitors!

Test your strategy to see what works, before going bigger. Map what you are doing, so you can consistently repeat it!

Start Small..!

When you start out, figuring out what works and what does not means you will spend some money that may not provide a return, e.g. a conversion. That’s OK, provided you learn from this and work towards a model and strategy that does work.

Figuring out what does work, on a (relatively) small scale can save you a lot of money, and possibly save you from losing your business before it has gained traction. Be smart!

Want To Chat?

Numbers Don’t Lie!

As we used to say at The Gillette Co. …. “Liars can figure….but figures don’t lie! If you “massage” your financial model to make things look good, you may be in for a nasty surprise!

Test, test, test, at a relatively small level, and look at the real numbers, from e.g. Analytics.

They’ll provide you with valuable feedback! If the result is not as you expected, keep tweaking your plan until you gain traction and an ROI. Only then hit the throttle!

The Black Box Theory


We are so used to hitting the letter “h” on our keyboard and seeing it on our computer screen, right?

It is but one example of many, that describes the “Black Box Theory” in its essence. The input, is you touching a key, whereas the computer is the “Black Box” where “magic” happens, and the “h” on your screen is the output.

Digital Marketing is another example of the “Black Box Theory” at work. Your “input” is money and actions. The internet and world-wide web is the “black box”. And a successful conversion and sale (or not) is the “output”.

To use the “Black Box Theory” for optimal results, you test the “inputs” on a small scale, monitor the “output” against your expectations, map what happened, and tweak your “input” and “model” until the results meet your aforementioned expectations.

Once you are able to establish a correlation between your input and expected output, and you are able to partially or wholly map what’s going on in the “Black Box” of the internet, you should be able to create, or finalize a solid Digital Marketing plan that provides you with an ROI.

- Hans van Putten

Expert Business Consultants

The world class team I work with, when helping startups, small businesses and corporations.

Marc Slafsky – CEO

Hans van Putten – CMO

Peter Dragone – CFO

Jaap Zandbergen – Go 2 Market Strategist – Europe Specialist

Kelly Martin – Art Director

Jerlin Joseph – Senior Software Engineer

Cliff Watkin – Chief People Officer

Scott Bostley – Chief Benefit Strategy Officer

Marc Slafsky – CEO

Certified Insurance Councilor (CIC); Entrepreneur; Business Coach Insurance and Networking Specialist/ Startup Catalyst

Marc Slafsky has built an extensive book of clients throughout the East Coast by becoming a trusted business advisor and mentor.  He has over thirty years of commercial insurance experience.

Prior to WWLC, Marc owned his own insurance agency and, later, worked for large regional insurance agencies.  Marc now works for bank owned insurance agencies where he helps startups with their funding and insurance challenges.

Marc has a passion for networking & teaching, and a particular interest in helping startups thrive.  In his spare time he is a business coach.  March is writing a book on business networking.

Marc has multiple degrees from Bentley University.

Hans van Putten – CMO

Co-Founder WWLC – Owner 40ParkLane,llc – Digital Marketing| Web Design | Operational Mgt. – Startup and Small Business Quarterback.

Hans van Putten owned and ran operations of his food manufacturing company for 17+ years building the Carolyn’s Handmade brand under the umbrella of 40ParkLane,llc.

After the successful sale of the food business, he took advantage of the years of digital marketing, web design, operations management, photography and graphic design experience , to help startups and small businesses, and has been involved in a number of start-up ventures since.

Prior to founding 40parkLane,llc Hans worked for the Gillette Company for 10 years in various financial roles of increasingly greater responsibility, culminating in his last position as Director of Business Planning for The International Group at Gillette HQ, Boston. Hans has an MBA (Marketing & International Business) from Aston University, and a BA in Business Administration from IHBO de Maere.

Peter Dragone – CFO

Co-Founder WWLC – Co-Founder – Keurig Inc. | Financial Planning | Fundraising
Startup Advisor

Mr. Dragone has spent the past fifteen plus years as an acting/consulting CFO for a number of start-ups in a wide range of industries.

Peter’s prior experience is that of a serial entrepreneur, managing various start-up and turnaround projects, including DB Thin Films, Sulzer Metaplas and Monsoon Kitchens.   He was a co-founder of Keurig, Inc., now the multi-billion dollar Keurig/Green Mountain Inc. owned by JAB Holding Co.

Previously, Mr. Dragone was a senior financial/operational manager for Chiquita Brands International.  He moved to Chiquita after working in international banking at BankBoston.

He has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MA (in Spanish) from Middlebury College and a BA from Colby College.

Jaap Zandbergen – Go 2 Market Strategist – Europe Specialist

Owner RINT bv – Textiles / Design / Go2Market Strategy / Re- and Upcycling / 

Entrepreneur in the Creative Industry / Scale -and  Startups / Local to Local

Jaap Zandbergen worked his 25+ career in the Textile and Design Industry and was CEO in weaving mills and printing mills in interior textiles, the clothing industry and technical textiles for the (petro) chemical Industry. He has a huge background in working with different cultures because of his broad sales -and sourcing experiences within Japan, China, Asia, Europe and North America.

Recently Jaap works for EASME  (European Small and Medium Enterprises)  under the EU Program H2020, Phase I and Phase II in pure eco-innovative products. He has mentored several companies all over Europe during their scaling up and worked with plastic recycling companies, improving Go2Market for fashion and design companies preventing waste and minimizing design time and developing international strategies for upcycling companies in cellulosic waste and combining with algorithm for local to local production facilities.

During his career in textile Jaap was more than 10 years Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Design Academy Eindhoven. The DAE was named as the most important Design Institute in the world by the New York Times. Jaap has a BA in Business Administration from IHBO de Maere and followed entrepreneurial courses at Rotterdam Erasmus University. Jaap was elected Chairman of the International Mohair Association and CITA (an European Producers Organization to stop counterfeit in textiles and fashion)

Kelly Martin – Art Director

Kelly is an experienced creative with a history of projects completed on various platforms, including print, web design, signage, photography and video. With a variety of expertise, in education, retail and biotechnology, her well rounded knowledge of various industries, and platforms is an asset to any project. She has experience leading teams, recruiting and developing talent.


Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Design, Print Design,  Photography, Video Editing


Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh 2001, Webmaster Certification, Moraine Park Technical College, 2002, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Digital Multi-media 2006

Jerlin Joseph – Senior Software Engineer

With over a decade of industrial experience as Software Engineer in Java and Oracle Technologies, Jerlin is experienced in all phases of development – from requirements to implementation. He has work experience with clients, as well as development teams. A natural leader, he is versed in mobile applications development, as well as web development . He also possesses a strong knowledge of Object Oriented Concepts. Well acquainted with SDLC and Agile methodology, he excels at problem solving and critical thinking. With the ability to learn new technologies quickly, and to use existing technologies at an optimal level, he is an asset to any team. With strong analytic and problem solving skills, no challenge is too great. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills round out his skillset.


Java, plsql, javascript, perl, VB SOAP Web Services, Maven, Ant Oracle, DB2 Windows, UNIX. Struts, Struts2 Jdeveloper, Eclipse, Sql developer, CVS, SVN, Toad, Autosys, Sonar, Jenkins, WordPress


Master of Computer Applications Jun 2003 — Dec 2006 Bachelor of Computer Applications Jun 2000 — May 2003 M.A College of Engineering B.P.C College Piravom 

Cliff Watkin – Chief People Officer

Clifford Watkin has a stellar record of success helping companies implement human resources strategies that supplement growth, attract and retain talent, and embrace diversity.

Clifford has created comprehensive employee acquisition and retention strategies for private sector employers, professional services firms and non-profit organizations. His work covers the gamut of HR issues including legal compliance, performance management, on-boarding and creating effective corporate cultures.

His personal experience drives his passion to help bring about success for minority-owned businesses and corporate organizations. Assisting companies to develop and manage a diverse workforce brings together smart business practices and policies that improve top line revenue, bottom line growth and increased employee satisfaction. In South Africa, where Clifford grew up, he saw first-hand the difference it can make when people have equal access to capital, land, education and resources.

Clifford is a regular speaker at the Northeast Human Resources Association and Employee Benefits Council. Writing for the Boston Business Journal and Employee Benefits News, Clifford is a reliable human resources expert. Clifford is also an adjunct faculty member in Human Resources for Salem State University and SHRM certification instructor at North Shore Community College. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Boston University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Northeastern University.

In 2017, Clifford was selected to be the HR strategic adviser for Eastern Bank’s Business Equity Initiative, a program developed to help accelerate the growth of Hispanic and African-American owned local enterprises.

Scott Bostley – Chief Benefit Strategy Officer

As a founding Member of Benefit Strategy Partners, Scott specializes in advising employers on group health, life and disability benefit funding methods, plan design, cost containment, flexible benefits, and state and federal compliance issues.

Scott began working for several national insurance carriers before working at a national brokerage firm and then starting BSP. With over 20 years of experience, Scott has a strong knowledge of the total delivery system and funding options that afford clients the most cost effective solutions for their employee benefit needs.

Scott has experience in all aspects of health and welfare plans. Scott has designed, underwritten, communicated and implemented managed care, HRA/HSA compatible and indemnity medical plans, dental plans, vision plans, prescription drug plans, short and long term disability plans, life and AD&D plans, flexible spending accounts (section 125), employee assistance programs (EAPs), business travel accident plans, stop loss, enrollment services and voluntary worksite benefit plans.

Scott is a Founder of People and Culture Consortium (P&CC), where Human Resources and Benefits professionals connect, share, discuss and network with their peers.

Scott is a current member of New England Employee Benefits Council (NEEBC), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Massachusetts Association of Health Underwriters (MAHU), Human Resources Leadership Forum (HRLF) and USA500. He is also a Trustee of NanCamp. This is a non-profit organization that our family founded and sends children affected by cancer to summer camp. We’ve been doing this for 20+ years and have served over 400 children.

Happy Clients

“I worked with Hans for many years as he grew the Carolyn’s brand. His leadership and forward thinking expanded the product offerings and the customer base as well as implementing new technologies in marketing and data analysis.”

-Jennifer Bennett

“He puts out great and thoughtful work!”

-David Dowd

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