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The Value of Videos in Digital Marketing

Video Marketing - Hans van Putten Blog - chris-murray-563851-unsplash-350x350It is clear that the value of videos in digital marketing has grown substantially in the last few years. Many articles talk about the technical side of of using videos in Digital Marketing efforts. But few talk about the strategic importance of using videos, not do they talk about how, strategically to approach video use.

In my Gillette days I learned a lot of great things, this is where a ton of experience comes in play! We used to spend $6 million dollars in six weeks on TV advertising. You may say wow, that is a lot! Yes it is, but as I always say, I rather spend $5,000 on a project that provides me with a great Return on Investment (ROI) than $5 on a project that does not work, because in the latter case I will have wasted my money.

Creating an ROI with (Digital) Marketing

Having said the above, spending $6 million on an advertising campaign in 6 weeks indoctrinated many people who would watch “The Best a Man Can Get” Gillette Blades and Razors advertising. If those same people had walked into a store, and not found any Gillette razors and blades or a great deal, the advertising would have been a waste of money, with a very low ROI…!

But Gillette made sure that during that campaign the shelves/racks were stocked and that each store had a great Floor Display or Counter Display in a very good traffic spot so that when the buyer would walk into the store, seeing the display would remember the slogan “Gillette The Best a Man can Get” and would buy the product because even if they did not need new razors and/or blades it was such a good deal the prospective buyer could not resist.

Using Online Videos

Using videos online follow a similar pattern. Creating one video is a drop in the ocean and does not create a ripple. But creating a series of videos, aimed at the right target group (the target group that is interested in your topic) and with a carrot at the end of it, i.e. offer your target group a free e-book, or free consultation so that they sign up and come back to your site. The loop is closed and you are creating a worthwhile ROI..!

More on SEO strategies and Digital Marketing strategies in my next blog posts and videos.

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Video can help you take your digital marketing results to the next level Content has always been a king and video content is king in 2017. According to a new report from Cisco, by 2019, online videos will generate four-fifths

Source: How to implement video in your digital marketing strategy to get real results

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