Dutch Phrases - Helpful in Business?

There are ways to describe a scenario or situation, and then there is the Dutch way!

Some cultures and countries need a book to describe a simple situation or scenario. The Dutch over centuries have compiled a plethora of Dutch Phrases which in a few words mean and say so much. As I am building this website I will continue to compile Dutch Phrases as I go along. Enjoy!

English: And Then You Are Further From Home.

Original Dutch: En dan ben je verder van huis!

We start our Dutch Phrases with the saying: “And then you are further from home”. It means: If you do something wrong instead of right, like setting the Christmas Tree on fire instead of just lighting the candle, you “will be further from home” you will be further away from your goals, your will be further away from your objective.

Funny Dutch Phrases - Santa Claus Away from Home
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